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Prune Danish is the secret, invite-only online marketplace agency you’ve never heard of.

We deliver online commerce solutions for national brands and startups. Our specialty is accelerating sales while protecting and enhancing your brand’s integrity.


Our motto: To sell and protect.

We’ve helped hundreds of companies grow both their sales and their brand using online marketplaces. The nature of our engagements typically falls within these 4 areas:

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Our teams are led by proven CPG experts who have spent their careers learning how to win on Amazon, Walmart, Kroger, and at many other retailers. Their strategies and decades of experience are now available to your brand.

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We realize there’s a stigma associated with selling your product through online marketplaces. We make sure your online approach is in line with your other selling strategies, and that your brand never looks cheap or compromised in choosing to sell online.

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As a former online marketplace reseller, we’ve mastered the forecasting, logistics, and platform management involved in selling products through online channel exposure. Now we bring the same operational discipline and expertise to all of our brand partners.

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Ecommerce isn't just a good way to increase sales. Done right, it's also a real contributor to brand awareness. And when that happens, your sales grow even more. We can’t explain how they do it, but many of our partners describe our in-house creative team as our secret sauce.


Prune Danish works with some of the world’s most loved and well-known brands in a wide range of verticals, including consumer package goods, food and beverage, electronics, fashion, and home.

Our methods are privileged.Our numbers are private.
And our client list is confidential.

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Can you sell anything online?
Can you go above and beyond just increasing sales?
Can you use your passion and skills to help some of the biggest brands in the country?
Can you keep a secret?

Then we’d like to hear from you. To learn more, please submit your information to

pruneDanish has quickly become a go to partner. Their team is organized, efficient, and have great attention to detail.

B.S., Sales Manager at Otter Products

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